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Here's the really interesting bit you've all been waiting to find!


1. All competition entry donations and ALL charity single profits will go directly to St. Leonard's Hospice.


2. The Competition starts at 8am on Saturday 3rd February 2018 & closes at 11:59pm on Sunday 4th March 2018.


3. Competition is open to residents of the UK only.


4. Internet access required. Each participant is required to donate £1 or £2 entry donation towards St. Leonard’s Hospice (for the Accumulator Challenge) which is the main purpose for this fundraising competition.


Any persons wishing to attend the recording studio MUST have donated to the charity to qualify them to be seen by the judges panel and to attend the recording studio day.


Under 18’s will be asked for a competition entry donation of £1 per person, which will go to St. Leonard’s Hospice. (For example: a group of 4 children, aged 17, will pay £4.)


Entrants aged 18 or Over will be asked for a competition entry donation of £2 per person, which will go to St. Leonard’s Hospice. (For example: A group of 3 adults, aged 18, will pay £6.)


Groups with mixed age categories will be asked for a competition entry donation of £2 per person, which will go to St. Leonard’s Hospice.  (For example: A group of 2 x 10yr olds and 3 x 55yr olds, will pay £10).


5. One (1) entry per group. 


6. One (1) winner will chosen by our panel of judges from all valid entries received.  The winner/ winning group will be informed on Friday 9th March 2018 of their success.  Please keep an eye on The Grand Old Uke of York website for the winning announcement. 


7. By entering a video into the competition the participants agree to it’s use for the charity single / charity video which will be compiled by The Grand Old Uke of York to accompany their recording of Rocking All over The World, of which all profits will again go to St. Leonard’s Hospice.  


It is the responsibility of the group leader/ guardian, representing groups with people under the age of 18, to have FULL permission for the use of their image on the charity video and social media platforms, namely Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


8. Each video entry must be filmed in landscape and be a maximum of 100MB.  Videos NOT sent in landscape will be dismissed.  


9. The judges decision is final!


10. The winner/winning group will receive one day at Dr. Shakamoto’s Studio in Leeds to record an audio demo of their own music.  One day is equivalent to eight hours studio time.  This is to be organised between the successful winner/ winning group and Dr. Shakamoto’s.  


Any applicant under the age of 18 will be required to have an accompanying adult with them on the day.  All winners must provide their own transport and food for the day. 


11.  The prize (Dr. Shakamoto’s recording studio day) is valid for 6 months from Friday 9th March 2018 (unless discussed prior to the prize expiring with Dr. Shakamoto’s).  


12.  Groups of 20 people or more may be offered the audio recording day at their setting, Dr Shakamoto’s will travel to you to record.  


13. Your application details will only be stored for the duration of this project (Status…Go!!!) and will not be forwarded onto any 3rd party companies.  Because we hate that!!


*The Grand Old Uke of York and Dr. Shakamoto’s are fundraising for St. Leonard’s Charity and are not part of the charity in any way. St. Leonard’s Hospice is a registered charity (no. 509294) and it is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. No.01451533.

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