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And we're off!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

2018 started with a bang for #GOUY on Wednesday 17th Jan with our first appearance at Fibbers, the nationally famed music venue in #York.

The legendary #Fibbers has seen such names as #Killers, #Stereophonics, #Coldplay [insert Charlotte Church here if you prefer] and #Kaiser Chiefs appearing there so we all needed to pinch ourselves good and hard to make sure that it was really happening for us.

We were on the bill supporting our good friends, Leeds band, Hope & Social on their opening gig of the tour to launch the bands ‘Yorkshire Electric’ EP. The York Press had featured it as their ‘Gig of the week’, so all very exciting for us!

We arrived at the club fashionably early to sound check and also eat our own body weight in sausage rolls. Both tasks were accomplished with minimum fuss and in no time we were on stage in Fibbers where so many great bands had played before. The crowd were enthusiastic and a goodly number had taken the trouble to turn up to see the support band which we took as a compliment.

Hope & Social were their usual brilliant selves and bang on form as normal. All too soon we were outside in the cold night air heading home, still pinching ourselves. Did that just really happen?

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