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About Vanessa

Introducing Vanessa, who is the go-to person in the group if you can't remember anything.


On the group's committee as secretary, if Vanessa hasn't noted it down, it didn't happen!


Another one of the back row mafia, she was initially given a soprano Uke as a joke Christmas present and her magical musical mystery tour started there.                                                                                    


However that ukulele didn’t provide her first brush with the limelight, that came when she starred as a child on the stage in a York Theatre Royal pantomime.


In between her acting debut and her musical debut with the Grand Old Uke of York, Vanessa managed to squeeze in 40 years working in the NHS.


Recently retired, she shows no sign of slowing down, indeed she seems to be speeding up instead, following her various interests but making time for frequent outings to the theatre and cinema which she loves. 

Along with her husband, team Vanessa have surprised themselves by once more becoming happy campers with the group at festivals. Despite initial misgivings, a couple of freezing cold nights and a proper drama involving a mallet (don't ask) they thoroughly enjoy the festival lifestyle.

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