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About Tim

Another founder member of the back row mafia, here's Tim!

In trademark flatcap and braces he is to be seen hanging round with the group but no one knows exactly what he does, or what he intends to do next, but he always seems happy doing it!


Along with several other group members his ukulele journey started with lessons at a local music shop and he continues to pinch himself about what’s happened subsequently.


One particularly fond memory that he has is of playing at the Galtres music festival to a packed beer tent with the group dressed as pirates! Another fantastic experience was filming a commercial for Toyota which was a day to remember. He recalls it being quite surreal like our own episode of top gear with a professional film crew filming Tim driving up and down the same road time and time again to get the footage required.

Despite no one believing his story he maintains that his late auntie was David Bowie’s godmother. Make your own mind up about that one and his other stories!                                                  


When back in the real world he fixes cars for a living and is passionate about cycling and keeping as fit as possible. He once rode his bike from York to Winchester in less than a day, a distance of 268 miles to visit his daughter at uni.


Tim is as proud as you like of his daughter who just happens to be Jazz the main female vocalist with the group. He is quick to point out that she does not get her vocal talents from him!

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