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About Naomi

Naomi, the lady that started it all.


Founder of the Grand Old Uke of York and continued driving force that has seen the group go from strength to strength, with some fabulous adventures along the way.


Possessing a deliciously mischevious, ever so slightly wicked sense of humour, things are never dull with Naomi at the helm of the good ship GOUY! 

Ably supported by some suitably talented people, Naomi has shaped the group into the healthy, bright eyed and slim outfit that can delight and frustrate her in equal measure!

The term multitasking could have been invented for Naomi as away from group duties she is a qualified hypnotherapist, a classical flautist, a bushcraft expert, leather artisan and Mum!


It remains unclear what she does with all her spare time!

Some of her favourite gigs have been Opening the Tour de France at Leeds Arena with Hope and Social, the fabulous Carfest, The Platform Festival and the Great Yorkshire Fringe - where anything can happen.  


She loves meeting musicians who do things differently and don't mind a challenge or pushing boundaries!

Naomi states that she likes skiing and dogs but is less keen on cats, snakes, Celine Dion and hard boiled eggs!

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