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About Kyle

One from the top drawer, here’s Kyle!


One of the lead vocalists and an accomplished player he is usually to be found in the thick of the action when it comes to a GOUY song.


Although not a northerner by birth, he seems to be getting the hang of it now and the group very rarely poke fun at his accent or his reluctance to even consider adopting a whippet!

A solo artist in his own right he says his strangest gig was on a diesel train so loud that no one could hear him.   However we also know he used to tour with a circus so that must have been weird too! 


He likes his football does Kyle, so why he supports Fulham FC remains something of a mystery to the group. He is also keen on German salami, Jack Reacher books, gin & tonic, and the colour orange. 

It is well documented  in the group that Kyle does like to go camping with a fish knife set but we don't really talk about that.

His favourite meal is dirty burger and chunky chips but won’t entertain either mushrooms or shellfish, so don’t even try. 


In his spare time Kyle likes to rescue injured hedgehogs and erect sheds. 

Between me, you and the gatepost Kyles secret celebrity crush is Olivia Williams who was in Friends and played opposite Kevin Costner in The Postman.

And that, in a nutshell, is Kyle!

Grand Old Uke - Kyle.jpg
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