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About John

Meet John, John is cool, John is an enigma, John is the bass player (yes, it is a ukulele) and without any percussion, chief musical timekeeper of the ensemble!

It was said by that famous ukulele player Suzi Quattro that the bass is the engine of a musical group, driving it forward, all the rest is just colours!


Having heard John loop the same note for hours during rehearsals for Common People,  naturally he's delighted to have been let loose on 'Rio' this year - and you're in for a treat! 

John is most fond of having his photo taken and will gently weep in the corner of our small dressing room   however if he's not featured in the groups photographic offerings, so please take as many photos of John as possible at any opportunity, 

Whilst John is a bit more pragmatic in his view he does maintain that “It’s all about the bass” and everyone just nods.

In civilian life John is a financial advisor which makes him ideally qualified to be the groups treasurer, keeping an eye on some of the more madcap ideas that get floated on occasion!  However, we're not sure his clients really know it's him under that pantomime wig during our festive shows  - no matter how gorgeous he looks!

Grand Old Uke - John.jpg
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