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About Jazz

Here’s Jazz, lead female vocalist and all round top lass.


With a bubbly personality and infectious laugh she brings a great deal to the group aside from her obvious vocal talents. 

Growing up she loved appearing in dance shows and was also a keen member of York light opera society. Her first public appearance however was as a cheer leader for the York wasps rugby league club as a ‘waspette’.

Born and bred in York she has now returned to gods own county after some time in the wilderness (down south) but thankfully appears non the worse for the experience.

She recalls the first single that she bought was by Emma Benton and first gig was to see the winners of the reality ITV popstars programme although that could be just Hear'say!


Jazz has had a couple of celebrity encounters over the years serving Vic Reeves and James Nesbitt whilst working in Topshop circa 2008. Appearing on stage with Bernie Clifton and a rubber cat was memorable as was meeting one of her heroes Billy Bragg at the late lamented Galtres festival in 2013.

Not everything floats Jazz’s boat however, with the popularity of the Smiths being something of a mystery to her, much to her husbands dismay!

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