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About Glen

Meet Glen, proof positive that great things come in small packages. One of the back row mafia she plays a very nice soprano uke which is just the right size for her.


Along with many a uke player she was first inspired by hearing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who she played on repeat until the cows did come home during a snowy holiday in Howarth!


Importantly Glen can also introduce Naomi with “here’s one I made earlier” as she is indeed her Mum!

Glen's musical journey started with her buying 'Ride a White Swan' by T Rex and continued with her first live gig being the Stranglers (which she found a bit scary).  Her favourite ever gigs have been Queen in 86 and Michael Jackson in 97.


Along with the rest of the band her favourite GOUY gig was playing at Leeds Arena for the opening of the 2014 Tour de France to 10k in the stadium and televised to 3000 million worldwide.

Glen is responsible for bringing you delicious treats on the merchandise stall; so do buy stuff or she'll get replaced. 

A keen and accomplished sailor with lots of practical outdoor skills and a flair for fun and one pot cooking she is just the right person to go camping with if you ever get the chance!

Grand Old Uke - Glen.jpg
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