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About Geoff

This is Geoff, the elder statesman of the group and our very own Col Sanders look-a-like.


Despite rumours that he played ukulele at Queen Victoria and Alberts wedding he is probably the fittest in the group with interests from golf and racketball to painting and gardening.


He is the Mr Fixit of the team who can fettle just about anything.


Geoff is in a constant battle with Bonnie to win the much acclaimed GOUY 'Mary Berry Award' at our annual dinner.  So, if you're ever after a way to get rid of a can of Guinness, Geoff can how you a thing or two! 


A claim to fame is that whilst working at York’s famous cocoa works he developed the machine that puts the bubbles in the Aero chocolate bar.


He also became the only person that we know to be literally covered from head to foot in chocolate. A burst pipe left Geoff covered in York’s finest export whilst leaving a perfect silhouette of him on the wall behind!

Oh, for a camera!

Grand Old Uke - Geoff.jpg
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