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About Chris

Here we have Chris, who plays the electric uke in the group to great effect as well as being one of the solo vocalists.


A founder member of the front row  thoroughbreds his playing and singing are a key element in providing the signature Gouy sound. Apart from wringing a decent tune out of a uke Chris can also play tunes on his teeth if the need should ever arise. 

He first picked up a uke at Glen's house when he was on his way to the world worm charming championship that his wife, Sarah, was involved in.  Unlikely but true! The encounter did involve several bottles of red wine and a green ukulele but we've all been there!


Chris once studied fish migration at University but we're delighted to say that's he's now in a different plaice in his career.  


A keen camper, Chris loves nothing more than going away for family weekends with a couple of bikes on the roof-rack and encountering a height barrier!!!! 

Away from the music Dr. Chris tells us that he once spent two weeks looking after the worlds rarest parrot in New Zealand and is also the proud owner of a green Blue Peter badge!

Grand Old Uke - Chris.jpg
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