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About Bonnie

Say hello to Bonnie, our blonde bombshell of the back row who gets the nod as our most enthusiastic group member.


Unfailingly positive, she throws herself (not literally, that would be dangerous) into every task with a can do attitude that is quite infectious.

Although stating that Johnny Nash was the first live band that she saw at the Top rank in Watford it’s folk music that she loves above all other genres.


An enthusiastic attendee of the Cropredy folk festival she dreams one day of appearing there with the group.

A real force of nature our Bonnie lists interests as diverse as painting, badminton, amateur dramatics ( she loves dressing up almost as much as life itself), woodwork, tap dancing and sewing. She finds just enough time to like the colour red and dislike gardening. Phew!


Bonnie is our fancy dress costume Queen, she can turn her hand to anything and lord knows what's in her attic! 


She once got a tattoo done at a gig - but we'll let her explain in more detail. 

Bonnie’s husband of forty years proposed on their second date.
She said yes!

Grand Old Uke - Bonnie.jpg
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