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About Andy

Introducing Andy, who can be traced as the source of many of the intricate fingerpicking patterns that grace most GOUY songs.

Initially playing the piano as a lad he gradually gave that the swerve and picked up the classical guitar which was a lot easier to carry about!

Time went by as it always does and some years later he took the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career and went into teaching the guitar and subsequently ukulele in schools.

Technically gifted, several of his students have gone on to become very fine musicians over the years. Gradually finding playing the classical guitar a very solitary experience and possibly getting sick of his own company Andy joined a very sociable  ukulele group known as GOUY and no one has looked back since.

He lists his favourite music as XTC, REM and Richard Thompson. 

As well as music Andy enjoys walking and cycling in the great outdoors as well as wrestling for control over nature on his allotment and cape gooseberries . A very keen long distance runner he has competed  in the World Masters Mountain running championships no fewer than 8 times! 

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